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I wanted to thank Dr. Jared and his amazing staff. From the moment I walk in the door and am greeted by my first name, the quick wait time, the awesome assistants and hygienists, and of course Dr. Jared. You folks amaze me! Never have I felt so comfortable at a Dentist, and felt so at home with the staff. Not only do I find the experience amazing, but the work that Dr. Jared does is Fabulous! I had a wisdom tooth that needed extracted and was terrified, Dr. Jared calmed me down, explained everything that he was about to do, and not even 5 minutes later he was done! Then he fixed my smile by doing bonding, and I am so pleased with the outcome! Everyone that knows about the procedure tells me that my teeth look so natural, Like I’ve always had the same smile my whole life! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I can’t thank you enough!!

-Michelle Fitzpatrick, Layton, UT

When my little girls were ready for their first trip to the dentist (in the early 80’s), we found a new, young dentist with an office close to us. Who knew two and a half decades later we would still be patients there?! But on our first visit when young Dr. Eric gave us a pager and sent us to Marie Callenders’ for a piece of pie instead of having us wait in his waiting room, we were hooked for life! Twenty-five years later, I still drive three hours ONE WAY to visit the only dentists I would consider opening my mouth for (even without the allure of pie), and my daughters, who have babies of their own, now take the third generation of “Bushnells” to Dr. Eric & Dr. Jared. Over the years, the office staff has become like extended family and we continue to refer friends to the most excellent (and only) dentists we’ve ever known. Thank you for all the years of excellent care, the extra kindness shown to the coward of the family (me), and for the professionalism of everyone associated with the Anderton Dental Group. We look forward to another 25 years of happy teeth thanks to all of you.

– “The Bushnell girls”
JoLynn, Oak City, UT
JaLesha, Roy, UT
Janika, Roy, UT

I want to thank Dr. Anderton for the implants he did for me and for giving me such a great deal. My denture fits well. This office is one of a kind. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.

-Merline Elder, North Ogden, UT

You guys rock! My kids are always happy to come see you.

– Dena Benson, Ogden, UT

Thanks to all y’all. I love me! My smile is gorgeous! Never in my life has someone commented on my smile until now. Thank you, Dr. Anderton. I love me. The confidence level I exude is tremendous! I love my smile and soooo cost-effective. Finding you even way out here in Georgia was far worth it. Doc and family, I love you, but most of all, I love my smile.

-Felecia West, Lilbura, GA

I have seen a lot of different dentists and the Doctors at Anderton are probably the best I have seen. They take the time to explain everything and discuss options with you. They work with your insurance company to ensure you pay as little as possible, and their staff is great!
If you are looking for a dentist I would definitely recommend Anderton dental!

-James Davis, Ogden, UT

There are three reasons why my kids and I love Dr. Jared so much:

  1. We have so much fun when we come see him
  2. He always gives us options for our dental problems, and even lists them 1,2,3 or a,b,c.
  3. He is the most teasable person I’ve ever met and he’s wicked awesome.

-Hanan Ibrahim, Ogden, UT

I love your dentist. Espeilly the candy. I like that it is sugar free.

– Taylor, age 8

No words can express how absolutely thankful I am to you for answering my prayers. Not only have you given me a smile that is far more beautiful than I ever could have wished for, but you have restored my hopes, dreams, and goals for the future as well. Finding you has truly been a blessing! Thank you Dr. Anderton!!!

-Haley Eccles, Ogden, UT

I am always impressed at how great you folks treat myself and my family. Thank you for 10 great years.

-Shay Shaw, Roy UT

Anderton Dental are life savers. I broke a crown causing an infection lasting for weeks causing a lot of pain. The dentist I was going to said he couldn’t fix it due to a previously done root canal sending me to a specialist! However, my in-laws recommended Anderton Dental said to try them first. They got me in immediately and took care of everything! Within a few days the medication cleared the infection and the treatment Dr. Anderton did healed quickly. My in-laws were right and I will be recommending Anderton Dental to anyone who is in need of great dental care.

-Stephanie Rentmeister, Syracuse, UT

Anderton Dental Group has taken care of our dental needs for over 25 years. Dr. Anderton has always given us excellent care, from cleanings and minor fillings to root canals and crowns. He has seen us on an emergency basis several times when serious problems have arisen outside of normal office hours. Dr. Anderton’s assistants, hygienists, office staff and insurance personnel are always extremely competent, professional, courteous and helpful. They have a cheerful, positive attitude and truly care about their patients. We are very impressed with the compassion and concern recently demonstrated by Anderton Dental Group when they reached out to their unemployed and uninsured patients. They offered free cleanings and exams in order to prevent future costly procedures. This kindness was appreciated by many patients and reflects the true priorities of this practice. We feel very fortunate to be among Anderton Dental Group’s patients and look forward to many more years of quality dental care.

-Alan and Yvonne Rentmeister, Syracuse, UT

Dear Dr. Anderton, thank you for fixing my gum hole and tooth and not hurting me.

-Sicilee, age 7

I want to express my sincere thanks to Anderton Dental for doing all that you did to help me in my time of need. It takes a special kind of person to think of what you did. Thanks.

-Roy Byington, Riverdale UT

The first time I went to Dr Anderton’s office I terrified. Having not seen a dentist in years, I knew there was major work to be done. The receptionists’ greeted me with the most amazing and perfect smiles, I felt their warmth and compassion already. Shortly after, I went back with the assistant who was very nice and knowledgeable. When the Dr. came in I broke down in tears, I was a nervous wreck! He was completely caring and sympathetic. I could feel he cared about his patients, even me and we had just met. We made a game plan to restore my teeth and accomplish my dreams. He took me step by step and fully explained everything in detail.
I am now finished with my major dental work and continue feeling the compassion and warmth from everyone at Anderton Dental. I haven’t had any issues with anything they have done! I’m soooo thankful I found them!! I continually recommend them to everyone I meet! They have assisted me with my worst fear, showing me dental work is far from scary! I don’t know where I would be now if I had not met them and had the great experience they offer. Thank you Everyone at Anderton Dental group! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!

-Malinda Stewart, West Haven, UT

We have been to many dentists over the years during marriage and raising our family, and we want you to know you are the best dentist. Your thorough and knowledgeable practice puts me at ease with whatever treatment you recommend for both myself and my family. Despite moving to what seems the ends of the Earth, we continually plan our trips back to Utah around our dental needs. It’s a testament to how you have proven yourself (and your staff) to be THE dentists worth traveling for.

-The Tanner family, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thanks for being SO good to us! It’s nice being able to make payments without insurance. We really appreciate how good Anderton Dental is to our kids. They actually look forward to coming to the Dentist. Many thanks-

-Capri Richins, Henefer, UT

My best friend recommended Dr. Anderton when I was having problems with my teeth. She has been seeing him for years and is always happy with your care, so I made an appointment. Dr. Anderton changed the way I view myself. I have always been embarrassed by my crooked and discolored teeth. After two visits I now have a smile I’m not afraid to show. He truly is a wonderful man and a great dentist. I am thankful to him and his terrific staff. They are the best!

-Kathy Haws, Kaysville, UT

I love this place because everyone is nice! I love the dentist. Keep being great Anderton Dental.

-Chambree, age 12

I had extreme headaches for 3 years. I went to several doctors, tried many drugs, had a CAT scan, and they ALL found nothing. I came to Dr. Anderton for a cleaning and mentioned my headaches. He felt in my mouth a little bit and told me I had TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMD). He fitted me with a mouthpiece I wore for a short time, adjusted my bite, and I’ve been pain free ever since! I couldn’t believe TMJ could cause such pain and suffering, and that no other doctor even thought of it! Thanks to Dr. Anderton, I have my life back. You are my life saver!

-Sherrie Williams, Layton, UT

After several horrible experiences at other dental offices in the area, my family and I had pretty much given up on dentists. A friend recommended us to Anderton Dental, but we were skeptical. I must say, we’re extremely impressed with the service and the excellent care provided by the dentists, the dental hygienists and the office staff. Their staff displays the utmost professionalism and they bend over backwards to make us feel comfortable and satisfied. We have been going to Anderton Dental for the past two years and I am highly recommending them to anyone who expects the highest quality of care and service.
-The McCalebb Family, Syracuse, UT

The first appointment I had with Dr. Anderton was for an emergency root canal keeping me up all night. Dr. Anderton was the first out of seven other dentists willing to take care of me after-hours. I appreciate his excellence in what he does and the service I experience through his amazing staff.

-Ryan Kipper, Ogden, UT

We love Dr. Jared Anderton! We can’t say enough about Dr. Anderton, as a person and as a dentist. He is such a kind person who really listens to his patients and is fabulous with children. Our children in the past were leery of going to the dentist but he makes them feel comfortable. He has a way of explaining to them what the procedure will be like so they feel at ease. He has ALWAYS taken well care of our family. He is always more concerned about our well-fare than making the buck and the office staff couldn’t be any nicer. This is what makes people like us want to drive a distance to receive the best possible care.

-Robertson Family, West Point, UT

I grew up going to a terrible dentist so I thought a dental appointment simply meant pain and suffering (once a past dentist pulled the wrong tooth before I got braces, which resulted in a gap) Years later, my parents scheduled an appointment at Anderton Dental Group to take care of the gap. For the first time in my life I was grateful for the dentist! They are caring, respectful, and professional. Dr. Anderton cares about my comfort, never telling me, “Oh, it doesn’t hurt that bad.” My husband and I now live in Iowa and I only schedule dentist appointments when we have trips to Utah. I will NOT go anywhere else. I recommend Anderton Dental Group to anyone who wants a great dentist!

-Wendy Brown, Dubuque, IA

Because of past experiences, I had not seen a dentist in 14 years! But I also had a great deal of pain so I called the Anderton Dental office. They scheduled me in that day, and I was so impressed by everyone and everything, that I am now catching up on 14 years of no dentist. Thank you for your compassion and kindness.

-Kyle Peterson, South Ogden, UT

A few years ago, while on vacation, my jaw locked open. It was very painful and somewhat scary. When I returned home, I scheduled to see Dr. Anderton, whom I heard was very good with this sort of thing. He took the time to properly diagnose and explain to me that I needed TMJ therapy. I fully expected the jaw pain I had been experiencing for so long to subside, which it did. However, I was quite shocked to find the daily headaches that I had become so used to, also subside. Anderton Dental’s TMJ therapy changed my life. I am now pain and headache free.

-Dale Stolrow, North Ogden, UT

About four years ago I was looking for a new dentist. I tried several, but Anderton Dental was the best office I found. I am very happy with the care I receive and the way I am treated. I won’t go anywhere else. I have now referred my entire family to your office. Thank you for all you do.

-Jose Morfin, Ogden, UT

Excellent care and kindness in quality treatment time with the doctor. No one is in a hurry with me. I appreciate that. Thanks.

-Stephanie Greely, Clearfield, UT

I can’t say enough good things about Anderton Dental Group, they are all wonderful in putting me at ease with my care. They work with me on payment options after I lost my job. The hygienists are knowledgeable and caring, so you receive complete care without pain. I know my teeth are really clean when I leave since they explain each step so well. Dr. Eric Anderton has been my dentist since High School and has done a lot of work on my teeth: replacing all my old crowns, straightened my teeth, and did a beautiful job. Since his recent retirement, his son, Dr. Jared Anderton, has been my dentist. He is equally competent, professional, and caring. He has a great personality and makes you feel like he’s talking to you as a friend, not just a patient. I’m willing to travel 3 hours round trip to get the very best in dental care.

-Scott Anderson, Santaquin, UT

I would like to take the time to let everyone know at Anderton Dental Group how appreciative and grateful I am to have such a wonderful resource at my disposal when it comes to my dental care. You always go the extra mile to treat me and my family with the priorities and care I find missing in most professionals today. The staff is always so fun to be around; I almost forget why I’m at the dental office (almost). And the doctors are up-to-date on all the new techniques and always putting the patient first by giving all the options available. Thank you for all the awesome and professional service you provide.

-Ben Bertagnolli, Clearfield, UT

I have been to other dental offices and what I received were bad experiences. A friend referred me to Dr. Anderton and I will NEVER go to another dentist again. I have even referred all of my family to them! Anderton Dental always listens to my preferences and I know I’m getting the best dental care available. Thank you!

-Diane Hunter, Ogden, UT

Having had unpleasant experiences with dentists as a child, it is a joy to come to the Anderton Dental office. I am always at ease! Everyone is welcoming, from front office staff, to the hygienists, to the dentists themselves. Shaking my lip to distract from the discomfort of an injection was a new and welcome experience for me! Plus, I can ask for, and receive, cookie dough flavored cleaner for my teeth even if I’m 60+ years old.

-Jeanne Matheson, Layton, UT

Our family has been going to Anderton Dental Group for over 25 years. The office and staff have a warm, comforting, and professional environment. I love receiving a wonderful greeting when I walk in the door and have always been impressed by not having to wait in the “waiting room” like my experiences at other medical/dental offices. I remember being very self-conscious about a gap between my two front teeth. Other dentists kept giving me large and expensive treatment options. Dr. Anderton took the time to give me ALL my options. He fixed that problem with no pain, one visit, and at a fraction of the cost at other dentists’ options. Dr. Anderton and hygienists are so caring and so professional. It really helps me know I am getting the utmost quality with every visit. Who would have thought that a trip to the dentist could be so enjoyable!

-Willy and Diane Orchard, Syracuse, UT

We can personally attest to the excellent quality of dental care provided to us for the past 23 years plus by Anderton Dental and staff. Dr. Anderton’s office is always willing to accommodate any emergency dental care, even on a weekend. We appreciate Dr. Anderton always providing the patient an assessment/overview of their dental problems, and patients are always, always given options with their dental treatments. The staff is very cooperative in explaining dental insurance coverages, costs, and finances in an open and truthful manner, even over the telephone. We also enjoy the fact our dental needs have never been referred out to another dentist. They seem to know how to do everything, and do it well. With the outstanding dental care provided by Anderton Dental Group, it would be very advantageous for anyone with a dental care concern to contact this office.

-The Dreman Family, Layton, UT

Every visit I’ve had with Dr. Anderton and their great staff has been enjoyable! Who thought anyone would say that about a visit to the dentist? But truly; from the great greeting when I walk in the door, to the professional and pleasant care I receive from my hygienist, to the time and attention I receive from Dr. Anderton, I can’t say enough about the quality of care. I’ve had everything done from my regular cleanings to removing my wisdom teeth! I can’t recommend Anderton Dental highly enough. They are terrific.

-Doretta Gordon, Ogden, UT

I want you to know I am terrified of dentists, and I have seen A LOT of dentists. Yet, I always feel comfortable when I come into your office. Thanks.

-Joseph Walker, Ogden, UT