Electric Brush or Manual Brush

Which one, an electric brush or a manual one, will make my teeth healthier, whiter, or less sensitive? This is a normal question posed by public opinion and professionals alike. There have been multiple studies comparing the effectiveness of manual brushes as opposed to electric brushes. Recently an analysis of all results in 2014 was performed and they found favor in electric brushes.

Although not all electric brushes are created equal, these studies conclude they are more efficient in plaque control than manual brushes. In the past, most assumed a regular hand brush could mimic movements of an electric brush. However, electric brushes remove more plaque and gingivitis than manual brushes in the same period of time.

Sonicare is a brand of electric brushes able to produce sonic vibrations. Other features like timers, variable brushing modes, and UV cleaners make the benefits of a sonic brush hard to ignore. Other electric brushes like Oral-B and Rotadent have small heads that help you access hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This aspect is more important when you are talking about someone with orthodontic braces or a history of gum disease.